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Inheritance tax is paid on the value of a person’s assets at their death. As house prices continue to rise, inheritance tax is becoming a concern for anyone who wishes to provide the maximum possible benefit for their children or other beneficiaries.

We will help you to identify your potential inheritance tax liability and find solutions to minimise or remove it when you die.

As independent financial advisers, we have access to various insurance- and investment- related tax planning solutions that are not usually available to solicitors.

Where necessary, we work closely with your existing legal advisers to establish trusts and other planning solutions; together, we aim to keep your inheritance tax bill as low as possible. Alternatively, we can introduce you to a solicitor with the expertise for this type of planning activity.

Our estate planning advisers hold advanced taxation and trusts qualifications. We will be happy to offer you an initial consultation without cost or obligation.

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Estate Planning & Trustees

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