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Divorce & Pension Sharing

Guiding you through pension complexities in divorce

Pension rights frequently form a significant part of a couple’s assets and, in the event of a divorce, should be a key part of an equitable settlement.

However, sharing pension assets can be complex, and this is often an area of finance not fully understood. Many solicitors are not familiar with the technicalities surrounding pensions.

At Clarendon, our pension advisers hold advanced qualifications in pension planning. We can help your solicitor to ask the right financial questions and gather appropriate information - enabling you to make an informed choice.

It is usually best to appoint a professional financial adviser at an early stage, before making any decisions about the structure of any financial settlement. At Clarendon, we work closely with legal advisers so that you can make the best possible decisions about your finances.

We are happy to offer you an initial consultation (without charge) to discuss pension sharing arrangements, as well as the wider financial implications of your divorce. After this first meeting, we will draw up a detailed plan for providing financial care for your long-term future.

Get in touch for investment, protection and planning advice from highly-qualified consultants who take the time to understand your needs.