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Capital Investment

Capital Investment with Confidence

Choosing to invest money, particularly in the current economic climate, can be a challenge. At Clarendon, we make sure that every investment decision you make is in harmony with your wider financial objectives.

After a free initial consultation, ideally in person, we will draw up a detailed plan for providing financial care for your long-term future.

We will help you to assess your capacity for loss and, together, we will discuss your attitude to risk. We will then recommend the types of investments most suitable for you and, thanks to our independent status, we can select the most appropriate products from a wide range of providers.

Whether you are a first-time investor or have plenty of experience, you can feel in control with our logical approach to making and reviewing investment decisions. We work with clients who have cash to invest for the purpose of tax-efficient capital growth, income or a combination of the two.

When you invest with Clarendon, you will have the reassurance of knowing that we have understood your needs and priorities and that we will regularly review the progress of your investments with you.

Our advisers hold advanced investment qualifications.

Get in touch for investment, protection and planning advice from highly-qualified consultants who take the time to understand your needs.