Our Fees

We believe our clients should clearly understand and appreciate the cost of our services. We also believe it is important that we offer flexibility through a variety of payment options and these are outlined as follows:


Whether or not you purchase financial products through us, you will pay a fee for the advice provided. We will agree the fee with you before doing any work. The fee may be paid directly to us or, in some circumstances, via the product provider.


If you purchase an insurance product or mortgage as part of our advice, we will normally receive commission from the product provider. Although you do not pay a fee, this does not mean that our service is free. Instead you will be paying for our services indirectly through the product’s charges. We will tell you how much the commission will be before you proceed with our recommendation. If the commission received is higher than the agreed fee, we will pass on the balance to you either by reducing product charges or refunding the balance of commission to you. Equally, we will also ask you to make up any difference should the commission received be less than the agreed fee.

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